Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Beauty on a budget from Poundland!

Hello ladies. Today's post is on high street make up items found in budget stores such as poundland.
Often poundland will sell discontinued items as featured in this post.

Here are a few things I have accumulated over time from poundland.

Rimmel eyeshadow quad, blush in bronze, red nail polish, eyelashes are not Rimmel

Cherry Desirable revlon renewist lipstick

Fresh Watermelon renewist revlon lipstick

Pretty in Pink renewist revlon lipstick

Rimmel space dust aurora glitter nail polish
The eyelashes were surprisingly good. They are more for length than for volume and stay put during the night when I used my duo lash adhesive.
The lipsticks are moisturising and quite pigmented.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Primark Haul - Feb/March 2015

Red black and white tribal print kimono

Maxi shirt dress - cream and turqiouse

Blue flannel pattern / checked maxi dress

Coral aztec print jacket

Hand and arm candy - midi rings, bracelet and cuff

What's your favourite item? What have you purchased from Primark lately?

Friday, 20 March 2015

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Turkish Food Stoke Newington

Aziziye: Stoke Newington

I went here about a week ago with family. We usually sit in the small 'caves' aka private floor seating rooms but they were all booked so we sat in the normal bit. We ordered 2 types of starters - börek (cheese pastry) & lahmacun (turkish flatbread 'pizza' with spicy ground lamb or beef). Yummy!

Cheese borek
Lahmacun and salad

For mains we kofte, iskender & a chicken hot pot thing which I think was called tavuk güveç or sote. The chicken iskender was DELICIOUS. Oh my, small boneless bite size marinated pieces of chicken with yogurt tomato sauce and bread. I also has a juice. The guvec/sote wasn't all that my mum said. The portions were HUGE. I ate half if mine and asked for a takeaway. Mum only ate half of hers too. Tip for next time: Order 3 meals for 4 people. Unless you're a sumo wrestler or have a bottomless pit.

Chicken Iskender

Lamb Iskinder with rice and cherry juice.

The toilets were modern and spotless - a bonus.

2 starters, 4 drinks & 4 mains for just under £60. Would have been nice to be offered mint tea or something at the end but we were full. Try this out guys. And go for a private 'cave' for extra authenticity.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Emotional Fitness: 6 Reasons We Don’t Chase Our Dreams....

.... and why we should anyway.

When it comes to achieving your dreams, what’s stopping you? For many, a bad experience or discouraging person keeps them from fulfilling their heart's desire. But there are millions of other reasons why people don’t take a shot at happiness.
Here are a few of the most common ones:
  • You're too shy to ask.Whether it’s asking someone out on a date or applying for a job, many of us are too shy to actually approach another person. Even today, when much of our communication occurs virtually, nothing takes the place of a face-to-face request. It’s much harder to say no to someone directly than it is to ignore an email.
  • You feel you don’t deserve it.
    If you have doubts about your worthiness when it comes to career or relationships, you need to take a long look into your internal mirror. What negative messages are you sending to yourself? Why do you believe that you are not good enough? Asking yourself these questions can help you develop positive alternative thoughts. Remember: You deserve happiness.
  • You question your ability.
    You may be able to ask for what you want, and feel you deserve it, but still wonder if you are up to the task. Maybe you think you don’t have the talent or the leadership ability to get the job done. Look, most people learn on the fly. You have to just dive in and expect to make a few mistakes along the way. You will get the hang of whatever it is, soon enough.

  • You feel that you don’t have the time to take on anything more.
    Everyone I know who has successfully started their own business began working on it in their spare time. For them and many others, evenings and weekends are no longer spent in front of the television (except maybe during football season). You can spend your extra time building your dream. Anything you want to achieve is worth the extra work.
  • You tell yourself that there’s someone who is better than you.
    There will always be people who are better looking, or who have more money, higher degrees, greater experience, or more magnetic personalities. But they aren’t the same as you. You bring your own set of talents, your personal vision, and your values to any situation or relationship with which you’re involved. Trust that what’s inside you is as good as it gets. Now go for it.
  • You’re trying to keep a low profile.You may think that you shouldn’t stand out, because you’re afraid you might get hurt. Yes, successful people can become targets for others who are angry, misguided, or feel somehow inferior. But believing that if you’re successful, harm will come your way is a myth that was started by people too scared to reach for their dreams.
Don’t let yourself or anyone else talk you out of fulfilling your dreams.

by Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D.  

Friday, 9 January 2015

Selfridges and Primark Winter Haul 2014/2015

Happy new year guys! Hope you are all doing well.
This post features some of the goodies we purchased in the December/January sales. The primark items were bought in store while the Selfridges items were purchased online.

Primark beaded evening bag £10. Lovely and sparkly, costs over £25 in the other shops!

Primark mid length zip detail dress £13. This dress is actually bottle green but turned out black in the pictures. Will post another pic once worn. It is so smart, stylish and knee length at the front and slightly longer at the back. It has small slits at the side.

Primark tartan dress £5 reduced from £10. Also featured - 2 pack gloves for £1 and slimming leggings £4. I wear the dress around the house or at night, it is 100% cotton and ideal for these cold winter nights.

Selfridges haul. Look how protectively packaged each item is.

Fragrance lab perfumes in 248 and 249. £10 reduced from £45. One is musky with bergamont, the other is fresh/powdery. I think it's best to smell before you buy. The nail polish is azature red diamond nail polish. It was £3 reduced from £17. BARGAIN!

This sparkly azature nail polish in red contains a real black diamond!

Monday, 8 December 2014

10 Actions to Boost Self-Confidence

As Muslimahs, I think it's doubly important to have that extra bit of self-confidence what with the deen always being put down in the media and the local/wider community. I came across this post on: http://productivemuslim.com/sisters-self-confidence/  which gives tips on how to be more positive as well as boosting your confidence.



10 Actions for Sisters to Boost Self-Confidence

One of the major barriers to productivity I often hear about when I meet sisters across the world, is the lack of self-confidence. I know from personal experience that is isn’t easy to develop confidence – some people are born with it, but I believe for most of us, it has to be developed and nurtured as we grow! I often have friends and family tell me I carry an aura of confidence about me; some wonder ‘what’s her secret?’ – it has has certainly taken some training! It is really disheartening to see Muslim women who are so talented, educated and ambitious thwart their progress and productivity because they have low self-esteem. I’d like to explore how we sisters can boost our own confidence with practical tips from the Qur’an and Sunnah.
Firstly, I want to remind you that Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) has honoured women, affording us rights more than 1400 years ago and endowing on us the opportunity to earn the highest stations in Paradise, through the various roles we play as daughters, wives, mothers and Muslimahs in our society. We only have to look to our historical examples of female scholars such as Aisha bint Abu Bakr raḍyAllāhu 'anhu (may Allāh be pleased with him) to learn that achieving confidence is not a sign of arrogance or being against Islamic values. In fact, one can be confident in their faith whilst being a Muslimah in pursuit of her goals.
Remember, Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) says: “And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.” [Qur’an: Chapter 17, Verse 70]
Let’s look at some of the ways I have learnt to personally conquer my fear and boost my confidence:

1. Have self-belief

As a Muslimah, if you don’t believe that you can achieve something, even if it’s a small task, this can impact your confidence greatly. The first step is to develop a positive mindset and have the belief that you are capable of doing what you set out to accomplish with Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He)‘s Help. This will take some internal work and will not be done overnight, but start by telling yourself that Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) wanted you to be the best Muslimah you can be in every aspect of your life – this will get you on the road to developing confidence.

2. Use positive language

What kind of language do you use in your daily life, whether at work, home or in the community? Do you tend to use the words ‘can’t’, or ‘don’t believe’ or ‘not sure’ often in your responses? If you do, then perhaps you are using what psychologists call ‘self-limiting’ terms which can prevent you from being confident. Instead, try to say ‘I can do this’, ‘I will inshaAllah achieve’, or ‘I am capable of..’ as this kind of language will increase your positivity and give you a sense of self-belief.

3. Dump your negative thoughts

When negative thoughts and whispers enter your mind then remind yourself of the positive language. Don’t allow yourself to be put down by these thoughts, as this will prevent you from achieving your set goals. Try writing down negative feelings and thoughts, then tell yourself the opposite of what have you have written. For example, if you have written: ‘I can’t do this because I’m not good enough’, tell yourself ‘I will try to do this and I might actually be good at it’. If you let negative thinking sabotage your productivity, then you may feel regret later in life.

4. Write down a list of your strengths

One of the most powerful exercises I have done with my mentor on a regular basis, is to discuss and write my own strengths. As an example, I have written that I have ‘good interpersonal and communication skills’ and then written an example of when I proved this such as at an event when I met with someone new. This short exercise should take no more than 20-30 minutes but will serve as a great way to increase your confidence, especially when you are feeling down. Use this list of strengths to motivate you in whatever area of work you are focussing on.

5. Read up about confidence

Confidence is not something we are all born with, but it is certainly a quality we admire in people around us. Some are gifted with it, while others have a ‘quiet confidence’ about them which we may not always perceive. There are some great resources out there to help you with confidence; one of my favourites is ‘How to Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People by Public Speaking’ by Dale Carnegie. You can also search online for the many other tools and articles on why self-confidence is important especially in women, in both professional and personal capacities. Read up on the female scholars and pious women, and take lessons from their personalities and ways they handled their affairs – they are the best of examples.

6. Receive compliments gracefully

When I look back to my days of low self-confidence, I re-call compliments being vital to giving me a boost – especially when they were from people I respected, like my teachers. Some sisters on the other hand find it extremely difficult to receive compliments, and sometimes ‘defer’ them, so they put themselves down, instead of graciously thanking someone for their kind words. Although this should be carefully balanced with avoiding feelings of pride or complacency, accepting compliments when you’ve earned them can remind you that you have good qualities and traits to contribute. Respond to these compliments by saying ‘thank you, that’s very kind of you’ while acknowledging that you always have more to learn, to keep your humility.

7. Pursue something you are good at

There’s nothing more empowering than discovering you are good at something. Once you know what you are good at, you can gain a sense of self-fulfilment and maximise your confidence. For many sisters I meet, there are so many dreams and ideas they have, yet the environment or family expectations mean they are unable to pursue such activities. My advice is to keep trying until you are able to do this, it will in turn have positive psychological benefits for you and your family when you do what you love.

8. Network with new Muslimahs

Meeting new sisters is always a test of our own confidence as it can take us out of our comfort zone, but it is also a great way to improve your self-confidence by telling people about yourself. Before you go to an event, meeting or somewhere where you can network with people, think about the interesting things you like or have done to use as talking points. Hopefully it will ensure that the people you talk to have a interesting conversation with you and remember you as a confident Muslimah!

9. Be independent

Being able to do things without depending on others is a huge morale booster as it gives you a sense of empowerment and self-dignity. This may be doing something you haven’t ever done on your own before, like learning a new skill or practising a new hobby. For years I failed at driving many times before I passed! The ability to accomplish something completely independently will give you a real confidence boost.

10. Make this special dua

There is a beautiful du’a which encapsulates the need to always ask Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) to help us improve ourselves in our faith and character. It is no easy task, and this du’a will give you the strength to be confident and productive Muslimahs!
(Moses) said: My Lord! Expand for me by breast (with assurance). And ease for me my task. And untie the knot from my tongue. That they may understand my speech.’ [Qur’an: Chapter 20, Verses 25-28]